Thursday, April 8, 2010

Music (non)Ability

I have little musical ability. I can read music well, play the piano, and carry a bit of a tune without a bucket. There's just one thing missing - rhythm. I have none. And when I say none, I mean

I don't really care. It wasn't like I ever had a great dream of dancing professionally or even playing in the high school band. What it does mean, though, is that I am no aficionado of music.

I like really random artists, but please never ask me to identify an artist by name. I can usually tell you a song name, and can most likely quote a large part of the lyrics, but I will never, hardly ever know who sang/played/wrote a piece.

This drives one friend of mine crazy. She is a professional musician. I can whip her in song lyrics though. Unlike a lot of people I know (most of my friends, both parents and the hubs), I actually listen to songs. We've been in the car before and I'll sing along and someone in the car will inevitably say, "I never knew what that line was." What can I say, I'm a words girl.

I like songs that tell stories. It's probably the reason I like as much country as I do. It's definitely not the twang that's the attraction. It's also the reason I like Tay.lor Sw!ft. I could care less that she isn't *always* on key - most of her songs tell a story.

One song I've been singing along to since I was 5 or so, is "Bullfrogs and Butterflies." It tells the story of rebirth of these 2 creatures and equates it to salvation and how we need to be and can be reborn. It's on my iP0d to this day. If I need to smile, I turn on this song.

The other song that is a go-to for me is Audi0 Adrena1ine's "Big House" (go me for knkowing the artist!!! It's only bc I've been singing it for a hundred years now). I can't help but smile when this song comes on, either my iP0d or the local Christian radio station. I know all the words and do motions to the chorus. It was a youth choir thing for YEARS! The hubs doesn't even like for it to come on in the car, because it gets cranked up and I sing at the top of my lungs. He really laughs when I get to the motions. I tone it down if I'm driving, I promise, mom!



  1. I'm with you about rarely being able to remember which artist is which, I get to know them after a while, but I usually just know what I like. And - I have a fair amount of musical ability. I think that it's that who the artist is isn't the important part to me.

  2. First of all -- I love the new blog design!! But, I'm certainly not surprised that you can make these SO gorgeous!! :)

    Second -- I'm totally a lyrics girl, too. I can hear a song once or twice and know all the words.

  3. It's a big big house, with lots and lots of rooms! A big big yard, where we can play footbal!

    Haha, I haven't heard/sang that since youth group in high school and just realized I really missed it. Thank you!!!

  4. You've actually been singing Bullfrogs & Butterflies since you were 2 1/2. That's when your Papa bought you a Teddy Ruxpin and tapes to go with him. That song was on a cassette tape from a series titled "McPsalmty". I just throw this tidbit in so you won't think you have to wait until my grand baby is 5 to teach them this song. (BTW I love it when you sing Big House!!)