Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh so blue

Last night was night #1 of the Estr0gen. The idea of shoving that little blue pill up into my cervix was not exactly one I liked. But then I looked at the pills. And my RE's nurse had cut each one "in hopes it will make it easier and more comfortable since they are smaller." Yeah, well, the little jagged edges on each pill made me question her decision. Turns out they were so small that I never felt them.

I haven't had any side effects. And if you know of any, please son't share them! I like being unaffected.

Really glad I had bought the panty liners. Blue CM is so nice to wake up to. And then it continued through the day today.

I now know how Smurfette feels when it's her fertile time.

My U/S is tomorrow morning at 7:30 (CST). It's only CD10, so I'm not expecting big numbers, but it would be great if I were surprised!



  1. I hope that your u/s goes really well! Hope you are surprised with great activity in your ovaries!

  2. LOL for the smurfette comment. GL with the u/s!