Friday, February 19, 2010

Last thing I needed

Most times I love f.b. I really do. I enjoy the games and comments and since of community. Of course, when I run into people I never ask "What are you up to?" Because I know. And that sometimes is weird.

But then there are days that I open it up and get smacked in the face:

"In case you didn't know, I'm 16 weeks pregnant!!!!"

Now, this only annoys me because it comes from a girl who is not married. And the non-married's and teenagers bother me. I don't agree with premarital sex (call me old-fashioned, or a religious nut), so it just bothers me when unmarried women get pregnant. I don't mean offense to any of you dear, readers, but we all hold our own beliefs.

Part of me gets righteously indignant, that I have done everything "right" and can't have as of yet have a baby. But someone else does things in a mixed up order and gets to have one!

I know, life isn't fair and my thinking is fairly irrational. I'm blaming the hormones.



  1. Ugh, that is frustrating!

    I had a ring(6) of unmarried, young, jobless girls who were all having babies. One night one of them posted "I cannot wait to not be pregnant, I am going to drink and party, I hate this"! Really?! I don't understand!

    I deleted all of them because it brought me down! Their comments infuriated me!

  2. Yeah, I wonder about those people too. I know a friend of a co-worker who got pregnant because she wanted her boyfriend to "love her more". That is just messed up. I feel your pain.

  3. I agree with you! I don't so much have an issue with premarital sex, but there is nothing more annoying than people that can't take care of themselves can get pregnant just by looking at a guy! I don't know if anyone else hates the Plan B commercial, but it really pisses me off.

    I am the oldest grandchild of 10. My second oldest cousin has a GIRLFRIEND who is I think, only 20. She just had their second daughter this past fall. I can't even convey how irritating this is! Mostly because I always wanted to have the first great grandchild... now she has had the first two!

    I just know #3 is looming around the corner.

  4. It's extremely irritating to read on FB how one of my friends has a (almost) 9 month old (and a 5 year old) and just misses being pregnant so much and wait to be pregnant again. Really?? And this other girl, maybe 20 has been whining her entire pregnancy "I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore and meet my baby." Ugh, me too really because then maybe you will SHUT UP!

    I find FB less enjoyable lately because my entire family is now on there. I feel like I can't share or vent because everyone would be in my business you know... idk maybe it's just me lol.