Monday, February 15, 2010

Cycle Trois: Now with new protocol!

(say the title above in your best commercial announcer voice)

CD1 was nearly unbearable.
CD2 I lived through in a fog.
CD3 the fog has lifted and I'm in a much, much better place.

Cycle three brings with is a new protocol. But first a little background.

Thursday before last, as my husband and I were driving toward Charleston, and my phone rings. It's the RE's nurse.

Nurse: I know you're in the middle of your cycle, but we'd like to schedule you for a follow-up in case it doesn't take. Please don't let that upset you, but her next appt is March 24 as it is, so I don't want to wait.

Me: I totally understand, but that will take me out a complete cycle (more like 2 really). Is there any way I could go ahead and do a third cycle? Maybe with a change?

Nurse: Well, I'll ask. ((long pause)) As a matter of fact, the clinic is doing a new study on hormone therapy. In addition to your C1omid and Ov.idrel, we add Estrogen before IUI and Progesterone after. You fit the criteria, age range, within weight limits. I'll ask Dr. RE and get back to you in the next few days.

((40 minutes elapses))

Phone rings, nurse: Dr. RE thinks putting you in the study would be a great idea. She wasn't even thinking about it, but once I suggested it, she completely agreed. I hope we don't need to, but call me on CD1 if it comes!


So, that's the new protocol:
Cl0mid: days 3-7 (start today!!)
Estr0gen: days 6-10 (vaginal, not so much looking forward to that)
U/S: day 10
IUI: day 11 or 12
Pr0gesterone: starting 3 days after IUI

Really even better news? I'm in a study, therefore I don't pay for the added hormones!! Hey, I'll take a cost savings any way I can get it!



  1. That's great news about the study. You can't beat free hormones!

  2. Awesome news! FYI, because Clomid gives me thin lining, when I cycle again I'm doing estrogen from CD8 through 2DPO (with Clomid CD3-7, Ovidrel and IUI). So our protocols are pretty much the same! I will eagerly follow along to hear how it goes for you (hoping it's a BFP!!). Don't hold back talking abt the vaginal estrogen, that's what I'll be on too! :)

  3. Wonderful! Something new is good, and something for free is a great bonus. Hope is a good thing!

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you're feeling better now, and how awesome that you can be in the study and get the extra hormones for FREEEE! I really hope that Estrogen & Prog. can do the trick for you! :)

  5. Great news, and great attitude! :)

  6. I truly feel that estrogen and progesterone are SO important during medicated cycles. I hate more than anything that you have had to move to a 3rd IUI cycle, but I truly, truly hope and pray that #3 is your lucky one!

  7. Ali - I still don't understand why your clinic doesn't do baseline u/s. Also, you might want to ask about the Ovidrel timing as well. I've read that the best IUI success is when the trigger is timed 30-36 hrs. pre-IUI.
    Those are my 2 cents. I'm so sorry that you have to do another cycle.
    And the Vag. estrogen / progesterone is no biggie :) you get used to it. Although make sure to wear a pantyliner b/c you're going to have blue discharge :)

  8. I'm so sorry to hear iui #2 didn't work out. That must be a blow. Your new protocol sounds good and the free hormones are nice!

  9. I am so glad that things have worked out for you to be part of a study. Free meds are always helpful. I hope that the third time is the charm for you!!! Fingers/toes crossed!