Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Here we are again in the 1ww. Will the fun ever end? I have several IPS - including SORE bbs! My fave, too bad I have them about half the time before AF. Though I will confess that the girls started hurting earlier than usual (4dpiui,vs 9-10dpo). And the acne - can we talk about that for a moment? I know I started a new skincare regimen, but after a week you wouldn't think that would be to blame for the new mountain range on my chin.

And here's one I've been meaning to ask if anyone has ever experienced: When I eat, no matter how if it's only 3-4 bites, I feel like the food is just sitting at the top of my stomach. I'm hungry, but after 2 bites I feel like I'm full and then 2 bites later I've already hit that "I ate too much, feeling almost nauseous" point. So, am I having gallbladder problems or is this a new IPS?

In non-TTC news, bet ya didn't know that I spent a long weekend in Charleston this past one. Yep, I'm just slick that way with the scheduling of posts. I don't care to tell you about it after the fact, but I always feel odd telling beforehand. My husband has family there, and we went to visit. It rained, we saw Ft. Sumter in the rain, it rained some more, we went on a Ghost Tour where it rained a bit more and then sun came out. And we got to go see some antebellum plantations in the sun - glory be.

And, I got a new desk today. A hutch from IKEA that my husband and daddy put together for me early this afternoon. I've spent the rest of the day organizing. I'm in love already. It's *exactly* what I've been wanting for a *long* time. It will also help accommodate the nursery we're surely going to be needing soon (please,please,please!).

Last, and really most importantly, my daddy got a new job!!! He's been out of work for almost 18 months and it was getting to be a little nerve-wracking. It happened very quickly and we are all very, very excited. First my husband, now my daddy. God's been raining down some very large blessings soon and I know he's big enough and great enough to send me a baby, too!



  1. that's great your dad got a new job! I have always wanted to go to Charleston. I have been to Savannah though, and I've heard they are similar. Sucks that it rained so much though!

  2. Awww ... glad you had some fun in Charleston :) Matt and I actually lived there for 4 years after we married :) and it's where I went to college! Also exciting about the new desk! Very cool :)

    I don't have any insight to share on your IPS but I'm wishing you tons of babydust!

  3. Great news about your dad. And I always love a good Ikea trip.

  4. I hope that the IPS are really RPS and you will see great news in less than a week! Congratulations to your dad on finding a job, that is great! Charleston is a great place - my parents live about 2 - 2 1/2 hours away from there. I wish I had an IKEA closer to where I live. Many ++ thoughts to you for this cycle!

  5. I hope your symptoms bring you that BFP! Awesome on your Dad's job....it feels like your stars are aligning!

  6. It seems that you and your family are experiencing a time of great blessing, and I hope that is extended to you as well! Let's hope the IPS are the real deal!