Saturday, January 23, 2010


After the roller coaster that the last 8 months have been, I decided that I really just needed a little pick-me-up. I'm a big believer in retail therapy, anyway. I mean, I like to comfort eat as much as the next girl, but while retail therapy might make a dent in my wallet, I like having a dent in my waistline!

I didn't want to go too far though. No major purchases or anything. Just something that would make me f
eel better about myself. So I settled upon a new skin care regime. I've been using the same Wal.greens $4 face wash for a while and it was getting my skin clean ok, but I was feeling a little dull. I hit up M@cy's first (mostly because that's where I chose to park at the mall). Saw what they had, then headed down to Sephor@. I really, really dislike that the staff at my Seph. has little to no knowledge about their product lines. Come on, isn't that the whole reason I'm supposed to go to that store over my local dept store anyway?

I wasn't really pleased with any of the WAY expensive options they were showing me, and since they couldn't really make a recommendation on any of those products, I went back to M@cy's. I had originally been looking at some of the Orig!ns line. They had a little trial size pack that is billed as "Skin Brighteners." I thought that fit with what I wanted. I have combo skin and only sporadic
acne; add that to the fact I'm only 27 - I want to look my age, I'm still young, don't want to look younger, just not so dull and washed out all the time.

The salesperson at the Orig!ns nook was very personable and very knowledgeable about her product lines. I got a mini-facial for free and walked away with one of the trial-size combo things and a freebie face mask tube. For my facial she used all the products that I bought - obviously I was very pleased with the result. I got the Never a Dull Moment cleanser, the Modern Friction scrub (use it only 1-2x per week) and the Brighter by Nature moisturizing serum. The serum alone is more than I want to really pay (unless it works miracles, we'll see). But in the kit I bought, I got a regular size bottle of it (cause it's just so small anyway) plus the other 2 products. And then to top it off, they were giving away their #1 selling charcoal face mask with any purchase. Not too shabby. I can really see a difference after she did the Modern Friction scrub. If I'm happy with these products, I might just go back and buy the other products she recommended. I'm a sucker for a good product and great customer service!

On a TTC/infertility note: The 'Mid is treating me nicely, no real side-effects, though my husband might argue that I'm a little more irritable right now! U/S is scheduled for a week from today.


PS - We got some REALLY good news yesterday and will share more about it next week when it is "official, official" - signed, sealed, delivered! Let's just say that I can now "Just relax" a little easier now!


  1. I absolutely love Origins and always felt taken care of by the staff there. I have the charcoal mask also. You're right about the staff in Sepho.ra. I like to go in there and play but if I need advice, it's not the place.

    Ah...a cliff hanger! I can't wwait to hear your news!

  2. It sounds like you had a nice day today shopping! It makes me wish I lived near a mall as the closest one to us is over 45 minutes away. I live in the boonies! I am glad to hear that the clomid is going fairly easy on you and I look forward to reading your good news....

  3. I'm a sucker for products, and I glowing review from anyone makes me want to go out and buy! I might have to give that a try!

  4. Nothing like a little retail therapy :) I love Orig!ns, too. And I'm so glad to hear you got some good news!!

  5. Your skin sounds a lot like mine. I have bad reactions if I use too much/too harsh of any product. You'll have to let me know how you feel about this after a week! I'm looking for something new!

    Glad the 'mid isn't causing too much trouble!

    Can't wait to hear the good news! I really hope that one of your uncertainties is settled!

  6. Skincare is my only splurge right now, since I am not currently working and we are trying to save for our IVF. It's awesome when you find something you like and get lots of feebies too!

  7. I'm an Origins girl too :) Love their stuff!