Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trees, Trees, Trees

Missy inspired me in her post the other day showing off her holiday spirit. So I just had to show some of mine!

First the little trees:

I just love my little pink tree. The ornaments didn't photograph well, but they are bright blue and lime green. And the tree is also lit with battery-operated pink lights!

And my husband's tree was completely done by him. He even bought a short strand of clear lights and then replaced every other bulb with an orange one from another strand he had. He's a dedicated fan!

The bedroom tree is in shades of blue. It is also the only tree in the house with an angel topper. It was my husband's request because I don't put one at the top of the main tree in the living room.

And without further ado, the main tree. (Which is MUCH smaller this year do to the house being on the market. Our normal tree is much taller and has a larger girth. And old-fashioned C7 bulbs. Oh, how I miss that tree this year!)

Will you show me your tree?


  1. Oh how I love the little trees...what a brilliant idea! And, your big tree is beautiful, as well! I'm planning to post our tree and my favorite ornament as part of tomorrow's "Mel's Show & Tell!"

  2. I love all of your trees :) they are beautimus :)

    We were planning on getting our tree this past weekend but it snowed and I didn't want to go and buy one that was all wet and soggy and then have to drag it in the house.

  3. so cute! they all show off your creativity!

    oh how i wish i had 4 trees!!! my apartment is so tiny so i only have one little fake guy. i'll post a pic soon. i supplement the fake tree with lots of holiday scented oils and candles. :)