Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Wrap-up & Warmth

Did we all survive the Christmas chaos?!?

This Christmas went as well as can be expected with my in-laws. I won't bore you, because we all have family drama, let's just say that they are a different kind of crazy than my family.

I'll tell you that this Christmas was the Electronics Christmas.

My husband got a Weeeee! And everything imaginable to go with it. The only left to buy is a cover for the Fit board, and that's mostly because we've gotten used to it over at my MIL's house (she got her Weeeee! last Christmas). My BIL even got me the new Super Mari0 Br0thers for Weeeee!. I've already had so much fun playing it - he may ignore me for the most part, but he sure can buy a good gift.

I got a Plantron!cs bluet00th earpiece (our new home state has a hands-free law). It's cerise (pinky-purple) and so cute!! AND a new zoom lens for my Re.bel. So excited to try it out. Will make for less cropping when we go to Paris!

And of course, my best present was the 'mid I got to start Christmas night. 100mg and I've had no side effects. But I didn't expect any, I learned this summer that my body tolerates meds pretty well. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers - they are incredibly appreciated!!

Oh, and now for the warmth part. That's what I've been calling this blog layout. I just wanted to create something that was warm and cozy - that favorite blanket you snuggle up in, a hug, a hot mug of cocoa.


  1. I like the new layout. And have fun with the weeee. I love Super Mario Galaxy and Weee active

  2. I too love the new layout! You are always so creative. We got a WEEEEE for Christmas too and we absolutely love it!