Friday, December 4, 2009

Because You Said I Could

Several of you suggested I do something nice for myself. And while the below purchased items don't make up for the canceled cycle, they sure so take the edge off the disappointment. I present you with my reta!l therapy:
Love them! And SO, SO, SO warm - and I'll need it moving to the W!ndy City and all!

ETA: You can find the ones on the left here and the ones on the right here. Both are on a good sale at's and the current 25% off coupon works on both!!

Since I'm on the topic of shoes... I thought I'd share with you my shoe closet. You read that correctly - I have an entire closet (former linen closet) dedicated to shoes. I even had my husband build me angled shelves. It's the envy of every woman who's come to my house. Because if you come to my house, the one thing you have to see is "the closet."


  1. LOVE the closet and LOVE the boots!!!

  2. I hear angels singing in your closet. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I especially love the boots on the left.

  3. Gorgeous Boots...FABULOUS closet!! Absolutley fab!

  4. I'm a bit green with envy over your closet...and shoes! I'm also so glad you treated yourself.

  5. I love the closet!!!

  6. boots are adorable and look super comfy and toasty. but your closet?!?! omg, i'm so envious. one day, one day i will be like you.