Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thank heaven for small favors

I had my semi-annual teeth cleaning appointment today. (My teeth are "perfect", thank you) The same hygienist has been cleaning my teeth for about 4 years. She is my age, got married about 6 months before I did and then got pg while on birth control 8 months after the wedding. I was excited for her... told her that beginning the following summer we too would be trying. That was 2 years ago.

I just knew in my gut that she would be pg again when I went in today. And she is (due in late March). And again it was an accident while on birth control.

When I first got there, she came out and called another patient back. I said, "A, you clean my teeth?" "Well you are on M's schedule." "But you've cleaned my teeth for 4 years." "I'm sorry a switch must have been made for some reason."

At first I was totally ticked. I'm picky about whose hands are in my mouth. But M comes and gets me. M is nice, but A is nicer. A, though, is a major chatterbox. And while I did notice that A was pg, and she neglected her patient to come chat and ask what I was up to in the TTC dept (she knows the whole story... the 'mid being her last update). M isn't pg though, so I decided that maybe I'd been spared for a reason.

I only got the abbreviated version. I'm sure if I'd been in her chair I would have had to listen to the entire story blow-by-blow. She's sweet, but this girl's never had a day's fertility problem and announced her BFP to everyone the day after she saw those 2 pink lines. She has no idea how many women would like to have that kind of confidence.

I escaped unscathed and with an appointment with A after her maternity leave ends. I'm a loyal little thing, and maybe, just maybe... I'll have a cute little bump for her to ooh and aww over!


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  1. Sounds like someone was looking out for you today! Glad the cleaning went well!