Friday, November 13, 2009

Eight days

Ok, so I officially fell off the planet for 8 days. But there just hasn't been anything to talk about. My husband and I drove up to the Chicagoland area and stayed most of the week. My husband's company has a division there and he's been out of town a lot recently and I just didn't want to be home alone again this week.

I shopped a lot. I spent too much, but it was almost all at outlets, so I got at least a little more for my money. By the way, if any of you live within 2 hours of Aurora, IL, you need to go IMMEDIATELY to the NEW (and only) Vera Brad.ley outlet. These people truly understand the concept of outlet store - the prices were unbelievably low! I got a purse that retailed for $125, for only $31.25!!! I also picked up some friends' Christmas presents as well as a stocking stuffer for mom.

I've got everything set up at the cryo bank. Doctor form and my patient release form is all filled out and our account is set up. Now we just have to order.

I *should* see AF late next week (I'm hoping for Thursday or Friday). That will really get this ball rolling. I have no idea whether I O'd this month or not. Fingers crossed for a normal-length cycle!

Also, to plug my own designing self, go over to IF Crossroads and see the blog header I made her... if you would like a new blog look that's completely customized just email me(gigglygirlatheart @ gmail dot com) for the details. I'm proficient in both Blogger and Wordpress!



  1. Welcome home! I just got something in the mail about the Vera Bradley outlet. Awesome! Wish I lived closer...glad to hear they know how outlets should be, though!

    I LOVE the new design over at IF Crossroads! You're very talented...might be looking you up for a new header soon! :-)

    FX for a normal cycle for you here too!!!

  2. Welcome welcome home :) So glad you had a fun time shopping! We missed you here!

    Again, thank you for the new header! I just realized that I typed your email address incorrect in my post!!!!! Going to fix that RIGHT now! Ack!
    Thankfully you have an email me button on your page!