Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Deck the Halls!

Only 49 more shopping days til Christmas! Normally, I'm finished by now. Yep, I'm that person that drives most people crazy because I do all my shopping in the summer and early fall. I will be wrapping soon enough.

But, I only do it because we not only have the family Christmas to buy for, we also have both of my parent's birthdays just before Christmas, and my husband's dad and brother just after. Our budget would go red if I waited until the holidays to shop.

I will also brag a little, and tell you that I am a master bargain shopper. I *hardly ever* buy anything full price! Not if I can help it at all!

Everyone but my BIL and dad are bought for. BIL is my husband's problem. I take care of both his parents, the least he can do is pick out his own brother's Christmas gift. My dad is always hard to buy for. The things he needs/wants are just a little too out of our gift budget. And I get tired of buying gift cards. But this year, he's got a new book series he wants. I went to the bookstore and scoped out the prices. Came home and E.Bay'd ... got them *new* for less than half the price. Even with shipping I was able to get him all 3 he wants for just over half of what 2 would have cost me at the bookstore. AND I still have money in the budget to pick him up a dozen of his favorite golf balls! Yay!!

On the weight-loss front: another .8 lost!! (Total-to-date: 4.8 in just 2.5 weeks!)

On the TTC/IF front: follow-up with the RE tomorrow at 11


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