Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday!

Ok, does anyone else get up at gosh early hours to go stand in very nippy weather to buy things at (sometimes) incredibly low prices?!?

Well, the husband and I do. This was never really tradition in my family, but was in my husbands. So it has become ours. Three years in a row now, we've been up and at 'em by before 4. This morning we were in the Target line a little after 3:30. I had on a long-sleeve t-shirt, cable sweater, coat, scarf, gloves, jeans, 2 pairs of socks and comfy shoes.

We divided and conquered: he went after the 1TB external hard drive and I got in a new line for the Nikon Coolpix S203. (I needed a new point-and-shoot after my old one was broken in wedding mania back in September.) We were victorious! And in and out of that store in 17 minutes. With TWO $10 gift cards received for free!

We continued on to a few more stores, found a few more good deals and then headed home for an early lunch made of leftovers.

Great day! I've already backed up my entire computer on the new hard drive!


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