Friday, October 23, 2009

P.atience is a Vir.tue I don't possess

CD 38 brings AF!! So, really, last cycle was *only* 37 days. I've only had 4 days of Provera. Which means I probably would have started today in any case. But what if it hadn't?!? I'd rather have been safe than sorry.

  • RE's office has been notified.
  • CD3 b/w scheduled for CD4 since I'm doing b/w, an ultrasound and a glucose test.
  • HS.G is scheduled for next Thursday at 12:30. Antibiotic Rx is in-hand.
  • Follow-up appt with RE is scheduled for Nov 5 @ 11.


  1. Glad that AF finally showed! Now it's time to get the real party started!!! whoo-hoo!!!

  2. Good to hear that AF showed and you can move on to this next cycle. Everything sounds so exciting!