Monday, October 5, 2009


This weekend my husband & I went to dinner with 2 other couples, probably our closest friends. After some great Thai, we headed to one of their houses. The boys played W.ii golf and the girls soaked in the hot tub outside.

As it always does, the conversation turned to baby-making. One of the couples has chosen to be child-free and have taken steps to ensure an "accident" never happens. The other is my BFF and her new husband. They would like one child in 2 or so years.

I was honest with her though. I pretty bluntly stated that if she gets PG before I do, that I'm not sure how I will handle it. I made it perfectly clear that I was not asking her to plan her fertility around me, but I was just telling her that if she pops up PG in the next 6 months or so while our efforts are in overdrive, I can't be held responsible for my reaction.

She said she understood.



  1. Don't you just wish they *could* plan it around you???!! That would be so nice :). Like "I started first, so you just have to wait!" hehe

  2. WTG for saying that to her! And, yes, I wish they could plan around us! :-) Seriously, though, the comment will help her understand a bit more about what you're going through if they do make it there before you (but, they won't)! ;-) I can say that it SUCKS to have your closest friends get to their BFP with barely a try while it takes everything you've got and still no BFP. But, it's taught me a lot about myself and them, too. And, I'm thrilled for them despite all of that.

    But, you're not going to have to worry about it, because your BFP is right around the corner! :-)

  3. I totally understand. My brother found out he and his wife were expecting the week I found out I had PCOS. My journey with infertility has run parrallel to their pregnancy. The birth of their daughter (my niece) was the hardest day yet. I was the only one at the hospital for the birth. I made myself go the following day but was very stand offish and didn't even hold her. My brother and his wife didn't even want a kid and here I was trying my guts out. It's still hard to see my niece, I have held her a few times since then but the hardest times are when they are gushing over how great she is, I can't even make eye contact. it's paintful, your feelings are totally just.