Wednesday, October 14, 2009

EOB Happiness!!

We have good insurance. And honestly, I haven't really researched what they will and won't cover when it comes to IF. They didn't cover my Clo.mid in the Spring. So I was a *little* nervous about what they would and wouldn't cover with the RE.

I got my EOB today from that visit - and they covered it all!!! They covered the consultation and the ultrasound - YAY!!! I only owed my, but that was paid the day of my appointment, so no biggie there. I figured they would cover the consultation, but I knew the ultrasound was totally up in the air. Yet they paid it!! Hallelujah!

I guess this means they'll cover all the diagnostics. Which is totally ok with me! I know what the I.U.I will cost and it's completely do-able. My only meds are Clo.mid (which I have a coupon for 3 months free!!!) and a trigger.

Eeek! I needed a little good news on this (literal) rainy day!

AF update: All the signs are here: the acne, the backache, the light cramps... now where the heck is she?!?



  1. That is fantastic. What a big relief to know that things will be a little easier financially.

  2. That is great that it was covered! You are in good shape now :)

  3. Nice! How'd you get the Clo.mid coupons??