Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy days are here again

Today is a new day. And it's a much better and brighter one, I must say! Don'tcha just love mood swings?!?

I'll take the good days anytime, though. Today hasn't been all that productive, but I've really enjoyed a little downtime.

I've been scrapping (digital scrapbooking) and playing with different designs today, and that almost always puts me in a good mood. The thought just occurred to me that I should make a completely digital scrapbook (meaning, it won't ever be printed) for the IF journey. That might just help me get through those rougher days... hmmm, I'll give it some thought.

I got some good news this morning, it's just a little thing. I called our uro.ologist's office yesterday morning and requested that my husband's second SA be faxed over to the OBGYN so that it can be sent with my other charts. I was informed that 7 days was standard. I explained to the receptionist why I would need it faster and she said that she'd make a note of it, but could promise nothing. Well, this morning they called to confirm what I needed faxed and the fax number!!! Which means it got sent today!!! Yay!!!

I called the OBGYN's office yesterday and they are on the look-out for it and one of the girls told me that if the RE's office gives me any problems tomorrow about not having any part of my paperwork, that I can call her directly and she'll have my chart ready to fax anything they say they don't have (even though the whole chart was sent, we all know how things seem to get "lost" in transition).

Tomorrow ladies, tomorrow. Right now, at 3:30... we are at 18 hours exactly! (When I called to check on the paperwork, I was told my appt is at 9:30, not 10 like I thought... thank goodness they told me!!)



  1. You're so close! Hoping that the appointment goes great!

  2. So excited for your appointment tomorrow! So very close! :-)

  3. Good luck with the appointment, can't wait for the update!