Wednesday, September 23, 2009

92 more shopping days

That's right everyone, there are only 92 more shopping days before Christmas! Can you believe it? Friday we will hit the 3 months until mark.

I'm one of those people who LOVES Christmas (how many people, though, don't?!?). I love Christmas so much that I start decorating the week of Thanksgiving and take it down only a day before NYE. I heart everything about Christmas.

And as we are only DAYS away from October, I'm a little panicked. Normally, I have at least half my Christmas shopping done. But! But! This year? I only started today. Yikes! Part of why I start so early is because we also have a rash of birthdays around Christmas (my mom, dad, FIL and BIL - all within 25 days of Christmas). So I like to spread out the shopping so that our budget doesn't get too thin.

I don't know. I guess with all the IF crud and moving crud and for the last 2 weeks, sickness crud, it had just slipped my mind. But I'm on the ball now, and have it all planned out except for my FIL. He's the hardest anyway.

My other quandry - what do I want for Christmas? I have no real idea. My parents are buying me a new zoom lens for my camera. So they are taken care of, but now I need a list for my husband and my in-laws. I always try and prepare a fairly lengthy list that hits all price points and gives them lots of options (I make it very clear that I am not expecting anywhere near everything on the list - that it's long so that it's not like I'm dictating what they are to buy me for Christmas, even though they ask for the list). And there's a little bit of surprise left for Christmas Day.

But this year I have no idea what I want. What do you want for Christmas (and "a baby/BFP" is not a real answer. Santa doesn't deliver those down the Christmas tree ;) ).



  1. Yeah, I asked for a baby last year.. didn't get one :( 92 days! OMG.. I'm canceling Christmas this year, I will decorate, but no presents due to $50 copays.

  2. Where has this year gone??? Can't believe it! 92 days...time to start thinking Christmas for sure!