Wednesday, July 6, 2011

36 weeks and counting!

Went in for my 36 week check-up today. I've been going weekly now for 3 weeks and it'll stay that way til Little Bird arrives.

Last week my BP was still on the high side, so I've been put on a hypertension med and had to do a 24-hour urinalysis. Fortunately, the med seems to be working and the urinalysis came back negative (for now).

LB's heartrate was 145 bpm and he's still head down. I've begun effacing and am a little over 1cm dilated - it has begun!

I'm still feeling pretty good. I've managed to keep the swelling to a minimum and am holding steady at 16 pounds gained.


  1. I'm glad the med is working!!!!

  2. yay! i'm so excited for you! glad your meds are working and can't wait to hear more updates as labor approaches!!!

  3. Oh my you are close!!! Counting down the days to "meet" LB! When are we going to see pics of that precious nursery? :-)

  4. 16 pounds? That is awesome. I am having to do the 24 hour collection as well. So fun :/