Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two Things

The first thing, it's kinda random, but I found this DIY project for your laundry room on a blog I've recently subscribed. It's a home for lost socks, or in my house "lonely" socks. Oddly, we/I don't lose socks in the laundry, but there are always lone socks that come through the wash in one load and then the mate will come through later in the day or maybe the next week. So I adapted what they did and made my own:

Thing two: An old college friend called last night to chat. It started off well enough, but then she pointed out that her daughter's birthday party is set for early July - you know, when I'll be 8 months pregnant. So I tell her, "Q, you realize I'll be 8 months by then and may not feel like/be able to travel." Her response was that of course I could still travel and how disappointed her daughter would be that I wouldn't be there. First, the child is all of 2 and second I've only met said child twice in her life. She wouldn't know me if I walked in the room - don't try to guilt-trip me. So I told her I'd mark it on the calendar and get back to her.

Then she went on to once again regale me of how hot and miserable she was the month before she had her baby and how I'm going to hate being pregnant by the end and just dying to get it over with. I'd had enough by then and very matter-of-factly told her that, "No, I doubt I will. After having worked very hard for 29 months to conceive that Little Bird was welcome to take up residence if he so wished for the rest of my natural life!"

Fortunately, the Hubs walked in the door from work just minutes later and I was able to get off the phone. I didn't want to bite her head off, but I have adored every minute of being pregnant and my due date doesn't equal "relief" to me... it equals dread, because I'll never get to do it again.

22 weeks tomorrow. 5 pounds gained so far.

Tomorrow will have another post! Two in a row, but I had the honor of being asked to participate in an online book tour for Carolyn and Sean Savage's book "Inconceivable"


  1. I can imagine how it must have felt to hear her talk like that. I'm sure she was only trying to be conciliatory (and honestly I was SO hot when I was pregnant, and I was miserable at the end anyway but for most of it I was also just grateful to be pregnant) . . .

    But knowing that you will probably never be pregnant again probably makes it hard to have someone try to drag you down, too. :-/

    Anyway, good for you for standing up for yourself! I hope she was speechless after that, LOL!

  2. Your project came out cute. gah at your friend. I would not want to travel either and I'm not even sure your allowed to fly with out a doctor's note that far in. Good for you for telling her so.

  3. Thanks for enjoying your pregnancy and being verbal about it! I'm sick of hearing pregnancy complaints all the time. I'm glad you're cherishing yours.