Wednesday, March 9, 2011

19 on the 9th

19 weeks today. Still in complete and TOTAL awe that I am pregnant at all. I guess I might get used to it once this boy is ready to be born.

I've gained a total of 2 pounds so far. I definitely think strangers can tell I'm pregnant and not just fat, but only after noon. In the morning, I'm still pretty lumpy and not bumpy.

Work is going well with just enough to keep me busy without feeling overwhelmed.

And my house? It is almost clean!! All "public" rooms (kitchen, LR, dining & both baths) are clean! I do not have to be embarrassed at the mess which was my house anymore. I still have the man cave, the nursery and the laundry/sewing rooms to go through. But I'm making Hubs help me with the man cave (I've cleaned it once myself, it's his turn to pitch in). The nursery I probably won't mess with too much until May/June, except in cleaning out the closet in there. And I'm hoping to get the laundry room in the next couple weeks. It's functional, just has (folded) laundry that needs to be put up and the ironing needs to be done. I hate ironing and put it off as long as I can.

In other nesting news, I'm doing a complete closet makeover in each of the four bedroom closets and 3 linen closets in the house. Now that Hubs and I will be sharing the man cave closet so that Little Bird can have his own closet, some things need to be moved around. And since we're going to be re-organizing might as well do them all. I've been wanting to redo Hubs bedroom closet forever now and he finally relented when I measured and proved to him that he will lose 0 hanging inches, but the closet will look better and his clothes will be much more accessible. I'm changing mine up because I need more room in the linen closet. (When we moved into this house I converted both of the linen closets in our master bathroom. One into a shoe closet (it's awesome!!) and the other into long hanging clothes) I'm mixing it all up and purging the heck out of my clothes. Too much has built up over the last 4 years. Getting rid of clothes that don't fit (and never will again) or that I just don't like anymore (what was I thinking?!?).

M/S returned with a vengeance last week, but really only gets going on Thursdays and Fridays in the afternoon. So I'm hoping maybe it was only last week!


  1. It is a little surreal to think that you are almost halfway there!

  2. Wow 2 pounds only in 19 weeks! That's impressive. Would love to see a bump pic!

  3. I also vote that you post a pic! I'm so happy for you! Also, I think it's totally normal and healthy to not gain much in the beginning. I gained a TON at the end (10 lbs in the last WEEK), so no need to get started right away! LOL!

  4. We just started the whole cleaning stuff out thing, too. I'm impressed with the two pounds, too! I thought my seven pounds at twenty weeks was good.

    Isn't it weird, too, about the bump? In the morning mine doesn't look all that big, either. Then, by the end of the!

  5. I am stunned at the minimal weight gain as well. That is AWESOME!!! I think I had gained at least 15lbs by that point! It sounds like you are well on your way with the house prep.

    I also agree a bump pic is in order soon!

  6. Yea for 19 weeks! I am amazed by your 2 pounds. I have gained more than that ;) Awesome job on all the cleaning. I did a little yesterday and wore myself out.

  7. congrats on 19 weeks! nesting has not yet kicked in for me, but i am starting to dabble in registering. so fun!