Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's been a while

All's quiet on the Southern front. Not much been happenin' except crossing over the 9-week mark! I get to see Little Bird a week from today.

I'll update what I can:

1. "Morning" sickness - I'm weird. I wake up fine and as long as I have breakfast within an hour of getting up, I'm good to go until about 2pm. At about 2, I get sick - like have to go crawl in bed and lay *very* still. I have not been physically sick yet, just major nausea. Sometimes it last a couple hours, sometimes until I go to bed at night. Preggie pops help. Food seems to bring it on - haven't found rhyme or reason to it yet. But since I've been weaning the progesterone (more on that in #2) it's gotten much, much better!

2. Progesterone weaning - Christmas Eve was my last shot of the PIO after having gone to every other day the week before. Then yesterday was my last day with the morning supp. I will continue on the evening supp until I run out which will be the night before I'm 12w. It's a little scary and I can see now that the progesterone was/is such a security blanket!

3. Clothing - I'll confess, I've been wearing some maternity pieces since I was 5 weeks. And as of this week, I'm in maternity bottoms completely. I've still got some tops that I can wear, but my jeans and skirts were just too restrictive. Hubs bought me some really cute stuff for Christmas and my mom hit up a couple of after-Christmas sales to get me 2 pairs of great pants! It's a little embarrassing, but I'm comfy!

4. Presents for Little Bird - LB has already received his/her first gift from a non-family member. And Hubs and I found some precious gender-neutral footed sleepers that we just couldn't resist. Plus, I found a baby furniture store here in town that I'm positive we'll be getting the nursery suite from, I just have to decide which set - they are all so lovely!

LB even sent me a present via Santa Claus - a sweet little talking reindeer. So cute! Made me cry, of course!


  1. Wow! Nine weeks! How exciting!!

    Since you confessed about maternity clothes...I'll 'fess up too. I bought a pair of jeans that I started wearing this weekend. I bought bands (they hook on to the buttons on pants) to help, but while I'm off of work, I love the jeans. They have an elastic waist all the way around and they're so comfortable! Eating=gas and bloating for me so they sure help!

  2. Ugh, sorry about the 2pm sickness. Can you eat a snack around then to make it not happen. When I eat protein it makes me feel better. Thanks for this comment about weaning off your progesterone. Because of it I asked about weaning off mine at my appointment today. Happy New year!