Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This (double) rainbow was glowing brightly as the hubs and I left out house this past Saturday morning. It was just misting and the sun was not fully up, but there in the middle of the blurry gray sky was the most brilliant rainbow I think I've ever seen. It was so bright that it wasn't just a gradient of the colors, but I could see each individual stripe.

And while the picture only shows part of the arc, the entire rainbow was visible. We were able to see it the entire time we drove to the surgery center.

It reminded me that God has promised us so much and He always keeps His promises. He never promised me a baby, but He has promised me the desires of my heart and a hope and future. God always knows when I need a "neon blinking sign" reminding me of His presence!


  1. Great post! I love that you are looking to God in the midst of all of this. Im praying that those two beautiful embies stick!

  2. I have not commented, but I have been following along and saying lots of prayers for you. I just wanted to say that I'm a strong beleiver in rainbows and that they are a sign. For all 3 of our IVFs that worked (including our one where we had a miscarriage) we saw a rainbow. In the ones that didn't work, there was no a rainbow. I pray that this was a sign from God that your sweet little embies are going to stay tucked in there for a good 9 months!