Monday, November 8, 2010

Graduating Class

I went in for monitoring yesterday (Sunday) morning. Turns out that the other 2 girls I've been seeing regularly this week are on this cycle with me. We were all on Stim Day 10 yesterday. I got to chat with one of them while we waited for our u/s and it was kinda fun to sit there and compare notes.

But there was a down side, this other girl is about 2 days behind me in growth and on about double the meds dosages. It really drove home to me how different each persons cycle is. She and her hubs are driving 2 hours each way to come to my clinic. And we had to be there at 8:30 and earlier in the week, 7:30. I am so glad I don't have to get up at 5am to go to these things.

And I think it made her anxious that they had told me not to order more meds, but had gotten her to order hers Friday. I hated that for her and repeated what they had told me Friday - slow and steady is best.

It's been an oddly comforting thing to see these 2 women each morning. Even though we usually just acknowledge each other with a quick smile and nod of the head. I was hoping to see at least one of them this morning, but I know that at this point our paths will diverge and we'll each really be getting individualized monitoring schedules.

When it was my turn in the u/s room, my growth was good, but the sonographer told me that she was predicting a Wednesday/Thursday ER, that it wasn't going to be Tuesday. Which is fine. I have 20 follies and my E2 was 1,053.

I was directed to stay at 150iu Follistim last night and 1 Menopur and 1 Ganirelix this morning. Too bad I don't have any more M or G... but they gave me one dose of each this morning there in the office.

It was weird though, I was measuring in the 12-14 range Friday, then yesterday in the 16-18 range, but then today most were measuring 14-16. I asked my nurse when she was giving me the meds and she said that since I'd had 2 different people doing those measurement that they were going to be slightly different. And that today they would mainly be looking at my b/w for answers.

Kind of made my confidence waiver. I mean, I know we're only talking mm here, but I can't see how accurate this all is with the numbers jumping around like that. I still think we're probably on for tomorrow being my last possible day of stims. I'm thinking it might be today, but who knows. My nurse did mention that there is a slight possibility that even though I've been taking the Ganirelix, I could have already O'd. And that, that would not be good!


  1. Cheering you on! I have loved hearing all about your IVF cycle. I am now not nearly as anxious about IVF if that is the path that we end up on! Good Luck this week!

  2. There is a book I read to my son (which I love), which has a line that I have been repeating to myself:

    "Different means nobody's ever the same.
    All bodies are different and so are all brains.
    Different is what makes this world so great.
    Different is never something to hate."

    I just repeat the 2nd line over and over to myself.

    I started stimming the same day as you (I believe)...and am on a much higher dosage...and only have 6-10 eggies...and will probably retrieve on Wed or Thurs.

    We'll all different. It doesn't mean that one cycle is better than the other.

    One of my girlfriends stimmed for 20 days...and is now pregnant w/ twins. You never know.

  3. Just stumbled on your blog and so glad I can cheer you on in your cycle! It's great that you had a chance to talk to the other girls cycling at the same time. So many times we all just sit there and bury our noses in our magazines. Even if the stories are different, so nice to have others to share with and not feel so alone! Your numbers sound amazing!! Wishing you tons of luck!!

  4. Ohhh, I am so excited for you. Your body is doing all of the things that it needs to right now, I believe that!

  5. It sounds like you are progressing quite nicely. Keep it up, ovaries! It really is amazing how differently everyone reacts to the stims. It sounds like you are right on track for a great ER.