Wednesday, October 27, 2010

U/S #1: baseline

7:30 this morning I was in my RE's office for a date with the wand. I was fairly anxious only because AF hadn't really arrived. I'd had some "on the TP" spotting yesterday, but nothing I would consider flow. I was hoping she'd come overnight, but no such luck.

I told the tech, but when she looked, my lining was already pretty thin at .303cm. She said that that looked good and that a 2 would be too thin and anything over a 4 and I'd need to wait until AF. It concerns me a little that my lining is that thin in what is really the middle of a cycle, but maybe that's the BCPs? I've decided to worry about it later if it becomes an issue.

My nurse called me just a few minutes ago to give me instructions.

For posterity's sake:

Friday (10/29) - Monday (11/1) - 1 Menopur each morning
Friday (10/29) - Sunday (10/31) - 100iu Follistim each night
Friday (10/29) - Thursday (11/4) - antibiotic both morn & night (both me & hubs)

Monday, Nov 1 - 7:30 appt for b/w


  1. Sounds like a good start! I wouldn't worry about your lining. They will keep monitoring it.

  2. Yeahh for getting started! Good Luck with your injects tonight.

  3. Gooooood luck Alison!! I hope this is it for you!! I will have everything crossed!

  4. Oh gosh, I just got huge butterflies in my tummy reading your baseline meds instructions. I'm cheering you on! xoxo

    PS - the Menopur stings a little when you push it in ... although, I found that 2 vials of the Menopur hurt more than 1 vial ... so if they increase it, you might notice it more.

  5. Perfect start!!

    And I love the flowers your hubs gifted you yesterday, so so so sweet.

    Thinking of you!!!! xoxo