Thursday, October 7, 2010

Grateful Lucky Duck!

Just got home (it's after noon) from a half day in doctor's offices.

Most importantly, my u/s went great, the tech said everything looked just perfect for this point in my cycle. My lining was thin, and I have 11 follicles on each side.

I got my treatment calendar though October from my nurse:
Oct 21 - trial transfer, injections class & 1 comp session of acupuncture!
Oct 23 - last day of BCP
Oct 27 - baseline u/s

My prescriptions have been called in and the total? Only $2100!!! My insurance covered all of the orals, with us only having to pay co-pay - yippee!!! And I'm enrolled in 2 different discount plans (pharmacy provided) that cut the cost of the other meds WAY down. This was the one area that I was nervous about since my clinic had given us a range of 2-3K, and I've heard of women spending 10K JUST on meds!

Here's the meds break-down:
Ganirelix Acetate
Doxycycline, 100 mg
Prednisone, 20 mg
Follistim, 3 cartridges of 300iu
hCG, 10,000iu vial
Doxycycline, 100 mg
Valium, 10mg
PIO, 10ml vial
Progesterone (vag. supp), 100mg
Menopur, 10 vials of 75iu

Also, I've created a page and linked to it at the top called "My IVF Cycle" just as an easy way to quickly reference what I know.


  1. Glad the appointment went well. It gets exciting when you get your schedule!

  2. So much invovled! I just had my 5th IUI today and hoping not to have to resort to IVF, but if this cycle is a bust then moving down road. Good luck! :)

  3. I'm super excited for you, Alison! I hope this is it for you!

  4. Oh wow....that's definitely cheaper than others have to spend! And this is one of those times that I actually have a positive thing to say about insurance. :-)

  5. My darling brave daughter,
    I admire and respect your research, tenacity and unfailing faith. This child, as yet not conceived, has the most special mom I know!

    And to the beautiful ladies in this blogger community - I pray for each of you to experience the children you so richly deserve. And I thank you with my whole heart for the support you give so unselfishly to my little girl.

  6. I am also doing my first IVF cycle! I am ending my bcp tomorrow. This is it huh? :) baby dust for you!

  7. so glad things are happening! you're ahead of me by a few days, but i'm also on a different protocol. looking forward to following along!