Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Last Thursday was a big day - trial transfer (ouch!!) & injections course.

In honor of really starting to get excited I wondered over to a little gift shop in town that I know sells a lot of little silver charms to see if they had anything that could maybe represent this current IVF cycle.

First, I just took a general look around - found hearts & butterflies. Both would be lovely sentiments, but I'm just not much of a hearts of butterfly jewelry kind of girl. So I turned to the motherhood section, but the bottle, the onesie and the mother and child all seemed too obvious. I mean, what if we land on the wrong side of the stats (again) - what would I ever do with it.

And then I saw it. The perfect charm to signify this cycle:

Could it be any more perfect? Too peas in a pod - because that's the goal here! Not twins necessarily (but I'm prepared for that), but we will *hopefully* transfer 2 embies.


  1. I LOVE that charm. I hope you found such a perfect one for a reason:)

  2. LOVE that charm! So perf.

    And btw, I had the same feelings about acupuncture. I stuck with it a lot longer b/c I had such severe lining issues. but ultimately decided my "relaxation" fund was much better spent on something that actually relaxes me: a massage!!!

    I am so excited for your IVF cycle, Alison!! xo

  3. Beautiful charm!! So exiciting to get started!

  4. What a great charm! And yes, it's perfect. I'm excited for you to get going on this cycle. Best of luck!

  5. I love it! I am really hoping for you. I hope it brings you all the luck in the world.

    Oh, and I think I would be the same way with the acupuncture as you were!

  6. Awesome!!! We went with a Pandora Treasure Box.

  7. I LOVE THIS! This is the most perfect way to celebrate this cycle.