Friday, August 6, 2010


Just need to vent about something totally unrelated to the IF!

9 weeks ago we had a new couch delivered. In the process, the guys tore up 3 walls, a door and door jam and put NINE scratches in my hardwood floors.

After 3 weeks of fighting with the furniture company, the walls & door have been fixed and the floors are almost finished as well.

What I'm steamed about now, is that 3 weeks ago one of the managers called to follow-up and make sure we were happy with the repairs. I told him how I'd been given the run-around and insulted by his people. He apologized and *offered* me a store gift card to help ensure I would remain a customer.

Two weeks went by. No gift card. I called back, he apologized again and promised I'd have it soon. Now another week has gone by and I've called FOUR times this week already and have been assured each time that this manager would call me back. Still haven't talked to him. Grrrr!!!! The lousy $100 isn't even worth it, but that's what they are counting on, so I'm not going to let it die.

What they don't know, is that you don't mess with this little lady.

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  1. Gah that sounds so annoying. I hope you get the gift card soon.