Thursday, July 29, 2010

One "Beautiful" Follie

I've never heard any of my follicles described as beautiful, but the tech was sure enthusiastic this morning during my u/s!

Right-y has 1 dominant follie at a TWENTY-SEVEN! We will almost definitely be IUI-ing tomorrow. They would have had me trigger, but they needed to get my E2 number back first. I'm supposed to hear something after lunch (post 1pm CST).

And my lining was 7.8! Back up in a more normal range for me!

I'll update when I get the call about timing and E2 numbers!


  1. Alison! We are twins! I have one big follie, too. And my lining is 7.8. And we also IUI tomorrow. Oh, please let this be IT FOR US! xoxo

  2. Sounds like a gorgeous follie to me! Good luck!

  3. Yay!! I hope that beautiful follie turns into a beautiful baby!!

  4. blog hoping and found your blog. I am "keeping the hope" for you!!!

    I just started a new blog that is about keeping the hope for others and myself during this long and painful process Would love your input.

    until then I am keeping the hope for you...Amanda

  5. Yay for a beautiful follie! I love the excitement I can hear in your voice! :)

  6. Awesome news!!! Congrats on your beautiful follicles!