Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello, Mood Swings!

AF was a happy sight to see, but a bear to deal with. She is gone and so are the cramps and backaches. And fortunately, she took the mood swings with her.

I rarely get into a funk, but last Tuesday I fell into one and didn't even begin to come out of it until Sunday. I have decided that I never really grieved the last cycle, what with the spotting and negative HPTs and the lack of AF and the TWO rounds of Pr0vera. So when this AF hit, I thought I'd instantly be lifted from limbo, but instead I was thrust into grief.

But I'm recovering and today I felt normal again. Even though I'm kinda beginning to forget what "normal" even is.

My hubs and I, and the hub's BFF & pg wife (the one I didn't have to throw a shower for), went to lunch Sunday. Proof positive I love my husband, because the LAST place on Earth I wanted to be stuck was at lunch with a 7-month pg lady telling me "do not have a baby in the summer, it's just murder." I not to tactfully told her that after over 2 years of trying, I would gladly take a baby when and if I could ever have one and that something as trivial as the time of year was of absolutely no importance. And yes, that's exactly what I said.

At the end of lunch, the proceeded to tell me that "everything would work out in the end." I turned on my heel and walked away. I would have said something rude and I don't want to embarrass myself or anyone else, so it was best to ignore the statement altogether.

Monday is CD7, last dose of the 'mid and 2nd shot of F0llistim. Funness. More hormones.

Tuesday I will be 28. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but it doesn't really matter since I can't exactly change it. The upside is that I thought my daddy would be out of town on business, but his meeting got canceled and he gets to be home! He's only ever missed 1 birthday and mom none. I realized today that that is probably a real accomplishment. But I've always thought that the people who birthed me should be the ones I spend time with on my birthday. (I even told my MIL that that was the one "holiday" that I would do whatever plans she wanted.)


  1. Oh Beautiful You! I love the special birthday blog design - cupcake and all! You do have a candle on that cupcake, but I won't ask you what you are wishing for, cuz I think I know. :) I will instead send you a big wish for lots of LAUGHTER in the coming year.

    Happy Birthday Alison!

  2. Happy Birthday Ali - I sincerely hope that you get a special delivery this year - it's about damn time that stork found your address!!!

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  4. Happy Birthday! Man I am jealous I can't remember the last time my dad remembered my birthday on my birthda. He calls either a couple days before or a couple days after. I think he thinks it's funny. You have a pretty cool dad give him a hug for me.

  5. Happy bday cutie!

    And I know they are tough to handle, but bring on the hormones! Those are what we need to get knocked up. :)


  6. Happy birthday! I'm glad that you get to spend time with your family, and I'm sorry that this is a rough one. Best of luck with the next year. May your wishes bear fruit.