Monday, May 31, 2010

Nothing can ever be easy *updated*

Even AF. This post may contain some TMI, consider yourself warned.

Friday afternoon... pink/brown on TP
Friday evening... pink/brown on pad (small spots)
Saturday... spotting, mostly brown & pink, some red, but red is very dark
Saturday 3pm-Sunday 8am: same tampon* not full, just "surface" absorbency
Sunday morning... still very light spotting, more red, but no full-on flow
Sunday afternoon... bleeding stops for about 6 hours completely
Sunday night... right before bed goes back to brown on TP
Monday morning... brown spotting on tampon only, negative digital HPT, call in to nurse pager

Additional notes: bbs still tender, nose is still sensitive and gas is less but still more than usual. Oh, and no uterine or vaginal cramps. At all. Which is completely odd - I always cramp on day 1, most times on day 2 as well. Even with all the IF stuff, that has not changed.

So, yeah, I know there is only 0.01% chance I'm pg. BUT, I cannot start meds tonight (what I'm calling CD3) without knowing for certain. Cl0mid and F0llistim are poisonous to a fetus. I've talked to one nurse and fortunately, my nurse is in the office doing u/s this morning (b/c we all know fertility doesn't take a holiday). She's supposed to call me back with instructions when she's done.

I never thought that AF would be this difficult. This is usually the easy part. I've had light AFs before, but this is almost non-existent.

*update* My nurse called back. After explaining the situation to her, she said I should not count myself out just yet and that I really shouldn't be counting these days as a new cycle. She said that until I see my normal flow, not to start day 1. I go in tomorrow for a blood test though to determine if this cycle was successful.


*yes, I'm fully aware that wearing a tampon for that many hours is not recommended


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    p.s. love the new layout!

  2. I'm hoping for the best! You're not out until you get true bleeding. Good luck!

    Here from ICLW

  3. I absolutely love the new design! Good work.

  4. Good luck! It's not over until it's over!

  5. Ugh. So frustrating. I'm sorry that it seems this cycle was not successful. I wish things could be different. HUGS