Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I can't believe I've hit 200 posts in under a year! Wow. Go me. Except that I guess it's no real achievement and I'm not in any competitions of how many posts I can possibly post.

Moving on. I'm going to talk about something I've talked about LOTS before so that I don't talk about the obvious. A little background: My hubs and I have been married (almost) 3 years. We bought our house 3 years ago this month. And when we first moved in (after the wedding!) I was obsessive about cleaning. I had a schedule: laundry on Monday, floors on Tuesday, kitchen and bathrooms on Wednesday, ironing on Thursday, and I was "off" on Friday. Then we really got down to living and things slowly started to slip after that first Christmas. And the longer I stayed home, the more I found to do than clean.

But, enough is enough. Although my house wasn't "dirty" it was definitely in the "pretty messy" category. Last week I told you I cleaned. Every day I tackled a new room or couple of rooms and it was a top-to-bottom kind of project. By Friday afternoon I was so proud of our house again (and myself!). I'm trying to be very diligent about keeping things picked up. I feel so much more calm in the house now - and the guilt of "I should clean" is gone!

Oh and yeah, I'm 10dpiui. Eeek. I've been pretty good as is evidenced by my lack of blogging. I haven't been obsessing, I've even forgotten the whole IF ordeal a couple of times. But now comes the hard part. I've been feeling "off" since last Friday, my stomach's been icky (not quite sick or even nauseous, but not feeling nothing cause feeling good either), I've been pretty bloated since the IUI (and this is different... I'm not prone to bloating) and can we say g.a.s. (My mother's going to die when she reads that.) The bbs are tender, but that's pretty common for me.



  1. I clean all the time and am never really satisfied with it. If I clean the kitchen and walk out of there thinking that it looks good, i'll be mad an hour later after dinner. It's almost like I can't win.

    10dpiui!! stay away from the pregnancy tests!

  2. I was once the woman who couldn't even leave a dish in the sink. As I sit and type this, there are several in it. :) I do constantly stress when the house is in disarry although now with both of us working from home and 3 and 1/4 dogs (one is only 6 lbs ;) our house is rarely as I want it.
    I'm glad the dreaded 2ww is almost over. My fingers are crossed for you!!!

  3. I'm excited for you to be almost done with this wait! Can't wait for good news to come.

  4. Hope those symptoms are a good sign!!

    Good job with the cleaning! I could use some of that motivation!

  5. Alison, some there are some things a lady doesn't tell!! ;)

    BTW, this is mom.