Saturday, April 10, 2010

If only it were "nesting"

I am in a mean-cleaning-machine kind of mood. I have reorganized the attic, the spice drawer and the coat closet. I've also been playing in my garden and been doing a little prep work. I'm hoping to plant flowers today.

I also bought a box this week and have been packing up the baby stash. It was all kept in one closet before we staged the house for selling. Then it all got separated and new things have been bought, too and usually I just try and find an out-of-sight place for that piece at the time being. It's all getting put together now. That way when I get pregnant, it will all be easy to locate!

Next week's agenda calls for a full-closet clean-out. I'm going to go through all the closets and weed out what doesn't fit, I don't like, or just haven't worn in at least 2 or 3 seasons. I'm going to make the hubs thin out his clothes, too.



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  2. I know, me too! Doing some spring cleaning as well.