Monday, March 1, 2010

Month 21

March 1, second day of progester0ne. I started it yesterday. Decided to take it in the morning, as I wasn't told a specific time, so I hoped it doesn't matter.

Then, I just have to tell you the absurdity of my friends this past weekend.

We were at dinner Saturday night, all 11 of us. It's kind of rare that we can all make it, and we sat the 4 hubs down at the end so they could talk and the girls could talk. I am the youngest in our group, but the longest married. The hubs falls in the middle of the age pack. One of the couples made the decision long before they were married to be child-free. And she's the next oldest - we're the only ones still under 30.

Conversation turns to baby-making and the when they wanted to have children. It was very entertaining to listen to them talk about getting pregnant like it's the easiest thing ever. Like, you just bump into your husband and boom your knocked up! I just sat there laughing at them on the inside.

Part of me got my feelings hurt, I mean, these girls know that Hubs and I have been trying for almost 2 years. So, it hurt because it was like they were making fun of something that's not fun for me.

But I'm trying to think positively this month. This is going to work. I am pregnant.



  1. That is tough. I remember when I was naive like that. Now I really do just want to scream out loud to people about it. I'm sorry it was so hard.

    You are pregnant. Positive is good.

  2. Yes, you are PUPO - pregnant until proven otherwise. Awesome that you are staying positive!
    It is truly insensitive that your friends would talk about baby making like it's no big deal, especially if they knew it you guys have been trying for a while. We can only pray that they do not have to deal with the struggles of TTC, else they may be more sensitive then.

  3. PUPO ... just keep repeating it over and over again.

  4. Sorry about the insensitivity of your friends. That is really hard.

    It DID work, you ARE pregnant. I'm really hoping for you!