Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is my 150th post. Since July. Wow. Not much has changed.

I've been working like crazy this week. And I'm losing my voice. That's about all that's going on in my world. Still on the 'mid, start the Est. on Saturday, U/S on Monday (7:30a CST). I'll know more at about 7:40... whether we will proceed and when.

Also, a note to all the non-preggers out there - run, don't walk, to your nearest Ann Tayl0r L0FT and pick up a couple of their long-sleeve t-shirts for only $12 today!!!! I picked up 3 - orange, green and navy. Too cute and can't beat the price (since they are regular $30!).

Oh, and I've done some research because I've been freaking out over whether we could proceed with this cycle *really* since we're in the middle of an insurance change. We'll be having to go on C0BRA until May 1. I went to the .gov site's FAQ today and found out that the coverage is retroactive to the day your previous coverage ends. For us, that's Feb. 28. So, even if we don't have it March 1 (which it's looking like we might not even get the paperwork til next week... grrr!!!), the coverage will be retroactive and therefore come May 1, we won't have a lapse in coverage. Because as we all know, it's just THE LAW that people get pregnant at the MOST INCONVENIENT times possible.*


*I'm fully aware that I'm choosing to proceed with this cycle, but fertiles proceed to have sex even if an "ooops" could be bad. I don't see much difference, esp since my chances of conception are even lower than theirs.


  1. I don't blame you for proceeding! If you do get pregnant and it's an "inconvenient" time... so what??? You have waited for this for so long that would any financial issues really matter? ;)

  2. I would do the exact same thing. Good for you!

    Btw, can you, um, talk about the estrogen a bit? Do you just stick it up there? Any special tricks?! I hope to be starting my vaginal Estrace in a couple of weeks. :) Sorry, this was the world's most graphic comment. :)

  3. yeah, I think everything should work out with no gaps in coverage. And even if it turn into a paperwork cluster later, it'll be worth it if you get pregnant!