Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Just Relax"

My father actually said that to me tonight. My mom and I just laughed at him. He then encouraged me not to think about the wait too much.

I informed him that I really hadn't thought about it much today until our dinner conversation. And that's the truth, I did a pretty good job of not dwelling on the THREE week wait. Or the potential outcomes.

I went to lunch with my BFF. She knows about the infertility and that we are going to be doing IU!, but I haven't told her we've even started a new cycle, let alone actually done the procedure! I just don't need the pressure. I don't want phone calls starting in 2 weeks.

Online is different, IRL no one really understands the emotional toll this all takes on a girl! But I know y'all understand. You've been there, are there or will be there soon. I love our little (kinda huge!) community.



  1. If I hd a dime for every time I have heard the R word in the last 2+ years I would be rich. Blech. Sorry you had to deal with it. I have everything crossed for you.

  2. Ack! I hate "just relax" about TTC or anything else in life. It's probably the comment that irritates me the most in life.

    I hope this wait goes quickly for you!

  3. Oh your poor father :) He's just oblivious! I'm glad day1 of the 3ww wasn't so bad. One day down, 20 more to go!!!

  4. Dads. Sometimes they just don't realize their ignorance. Gotta love them though b/c they do mean well. I hope you are keeping yourself busy today! Love your new graphics you did for Arlyne!

  5. Ugh, I don't think I can "just relax" if my life depended on it! I hope your wait goes quickly!!!