Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Here we go again...

CD1: today!!!

10am: Called in to report to the nurse and ask about this cycle's protocol.

11:50am: Nurse leaves me a VM telling me that I will stay at 50mg 'mid, but not come in for US until Jan 5 (CD14).

12:45pm: Leave message for nurse to call me back again, please

12:46pm: Call Michelle

Me: (I tell her what the nurse said). Can I call and ask them to reconsider?
Michelle: Absolutely.
Me: Good. Just making sure I wasn't being unreasonable.
Michelle: Not unreasonable at all.

1:30pm: Talk to nurse...

Me: Why is Dr. keeping me at 50mg?
Nurse: Well they decided that that is what is best. We're going to move your US to see if they grow more with more time.
Me: Then why did my cycle get canceled last month? We did the US on CD10, I could have easily come back in on CD14.
Nurse: I don't know, but you have a good point.
Me: Look, I realize that you're not the one trying to get pregnant. But I've been at this for 19 months now and I'm ready to be pregnant. Please help me.
Nurse: I'll go ask again and call you back.

2:15pm: Nurse calls back

Nurse: Ok, we're going to compromise. I'll call you in a rx for 100mg 'mid, but you'll need to come in on Jan 3 (CD12).
Me: Sounds great! Thank you so much for your help.

They obviously have a different definition of "compromise" than I do. Because in my book, I totally got my way. That's my kind of compromise!



  1. Yay!!! So glad they compromised in your favor :) Good luck!

  2. You shouldn't have to compromise! Good for you for sticking with your guns :)

  3. So glad you got your 100mg. Great job advocating for yourself!

    That is a bit frustrating, thought, that now they want to check you later, but last cycle they just cancelled on CD10.

    I hope this is it!

  4. Whoo-hoo! YOU WIN! I'm so happy that they're being more flexible, and I hope you get more than one monitoring session this time. But now you at least know you can push the issue if they try and be unreasonable and cancel you out on CD12.

  5. awesome! i'm so glad you called and applied some pressure. having any side effects?

  6. First of all, YAY for AF showing! Second of all, you totally had the right to question the docs decision. Good for you for sticking to your guns. Hoping you are growing some awesome follies. (BTW, I am saying a special daily prayer for you!)