Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Protection Affection

I was thinking tonight... about my AF line of defense. I am a loyal kind of girl and I stick with what I like and I know work. Personally, Tam.pax Pearl and Alw.ays Inf!nity are my faves. I'll stick with them for as long as they make them.

How about y'all? Does anyone else have such loyalty to their AF products?



  1. Nope, no preference. However, this is one area where I won't buy the off-brand stuff.

  2. LOL @ subject title. When I was in high school my mom used to buy Tampax and I used to buy that but I got absolutely sick of those cardboard applicators (I think this was before they made Tampax Pearl) So I switched to Playtex and never looked back (of course, if you're in dire need you take what you can get :P

  3. I started using cloth pads (I prefer lunapads) about a year and a half ago. They are fantastic. And I haven't bought any pads or tampons since then.