Friday, August 21, 2009


Ok, so everyone knows that we're moving and getting ready to sell the house in the most awesome real estate market since the Great Depression, right? Right!

And the newest and bestest buzz word in real estate is "staging." Basically, turning your home into a model home not the real home that you've lived in for the past few/hundred years.

We've only been in our home for 2 years and you wouldn't think it would be possible for 2 people to outgrow a 1700+ sq ft home in only 2 years. But we've made the impossible a reality. We are getting pretty squeezed even as it is. So that's one good thing about the move - bigger house!

Most of the rooms require a little paring down - removal of knick-knacks, most personal pics and emptying all closet floors so that they don't look cluttered.

I have one room in the house, though, that is the entire reason I agreed to buy this house in the first place. As soon as I walked in said room, my thought was, "This would make the perfect nursery." (2-years-ago-naive about the fact that I might never have a child and therefore no need for a nursery.)

In the meantime it became an office/guest room so that my husband could have a room all his own, we lovingly refer to it as the "man cave."

Both bedrooms are being turned into children's bedroom. Sans children of course. Two bedrooms, one for a girl, one for a boy, for non-existent children of an infertile couple. There's something cruel and unusual about this. The fact remains though, that the people we sell to will most likely have children and will be attracted the the decor.

I did find some Tommy Hilfiger sheets on clearance at Macy's this morning for $7. Yay!! I already have a comforter. Found a white bedskirt on sale at Target. I'll post pics, I promise. The room is going to be adorable - I've tapped my inner 8-year-old.



  1. That must be tough! I'm not sure I could deal with a decorated kids room down the hall right now. You're right, though, it will help with showings. We're hoping to close on our MN house next month. It will have been on the market over a year by then. Ugh...I wish you MUCH better luck!

  2. Here from LFCA -

    We're also trying to sell our house and have one room that I'd dreamed of being the nursery. I had painted it a pale grayish blue, Hubby put in built-in shelving for books and stuffed animals, and I collected old picture-book pages to frame and hang. I can't bear to stage it as a nursery though - so it'll be set up as a sewing room with a daybed instead.

    Good luck selling your house!