Monday, August 3, 2009

Repeat? Check!

My husband went in for his repeat SA today. We abstained for a about 72 hours, plenty for the 48-hour requirement. We go in at the end of next week for the follow-up with the uro.logist.

Hopefully, he'll be able to give us some options then.

The best thing about all of this happening so quickly is that I don't feel like this cycle is such a "waste." Waiting is never fun, but it really hasn't been that bad because we've been having appointments and tests done so it's passing very quickly.



  1. Sending you tons of "awesome sample" vibes.

  2. Glad that you guys are getting good stuff done this cycle. I hate sitting there not being able to do anything.

  3. It does help things go faster when you are getting things done! Do you know if they are going to centrifuge the sample down to see if there are even 6 swimmers in there? I hope they find something today and you can get some good news.