Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One Year Ago, I was Still Naive

Today marks another kind of anniversary. June 28 was the 12-month mark July 19 marked the end of 12 cycles. Today, August 11 marks the day I went into my doctor's office to get my first blood preg.nancy test.

I was always regular. Through high school and college you could set your watch by when AF showed. Then I went on BC. My body and BC did not get along, but I was only on it for 11 months. My cycle returned to normal immediately. Then on the first month "trying" I was late! I waited until CD18 to test - BFN. But maybe I was just one of those people who didn't see BFP til day 19? Then I spotted for 2 days (literally, maybe 3 drops in 2 days).

Four BFNs later, I was really very upset and wondering what was going on. I called my doctor's office and they said to come in for a blood test. I went, gave blood and 2 days later a brusk nurse called to tell me that it was confirmed, I most certainly was not PG. But that she would have something called in to "kick-start" my cycle.

That was the day I found a new doctor - my current doctor.

All that to say, that a year ago I was so naive. Naive to believe that just because I was "late" it must mean I was PG. Naive to believe that being regular all your life really meant something. Naive to believe that just bc you have a definite temp shift that you really are ovulating.


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  1. I totally feel you on this post. I started hosting a TTC board on babyzone a year ago. Women come and go, getting their BFPs in 1-3 cycles never to be heard from again and I was still there. I have had 4 cohosts get pregnant in that time frame. The straw that broke the camel's back was a girl who was on the board when I first started hosting. She got pregnant last August, has since had her baby, and is now back TTC #2. Why do some women have it so freaking easy?