Monday, August 17, 2009

Irony & Silver Linings

I don't think I've said yet that I sew. I sew clothing, curtains, bags, banners, and anything else with straight(er) lines. And I actually make money doing it. More fun money than anything, but it still gives me something to do. I bet you aren't seeing the irony yet, right?

I sew children's clothing. The whole reason I learned how to sew was to sew clothes for my own child. How's that for a kick in the rear?

I have branched out, though, and now sew clothes for myself. Since I've put on quite a few pounds just in the last 2 months, it's a good thing I'm not having to look at buying clothes right now, I might just run from the dressing room screaming!

Now for the silver lining. I had to run to the fabric store this morning. Ended up going to 2 of them. In both there were screaming children - like full-on screaming tantrums. I was very glad at that moment that I was able to wander the stores in peace and have no semi-attachment clamoring for my attention.


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  1. Alison...just found your blog and love it! Unfortunately, we also received "very, very bad" SA results and have an appointment with the urologist next Tuesday. Will be following your journey!!