Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I started the preliminary packing this evening. I've got 3 boxes packed. Even though my husband's relocation package includes full-service movers, I need to de-clutter the house. I don't consider my house cluttered, but I do realize that the less you have in your house the bigger it feels and the more people can imagine their own things in your rooms.

I have a plan for each room and the yard. One room is currently a "man cave." It is becoming what will be set up as a little boy's bedroom. Mainly because I'm leaving the sports memorabilia. And the sports themed curtains.

Every other room will just be pared down. I normally decorate for each season, and I will greatly scale back. I still have to put out a little because I think I would just be depressed if I didn't. In the event that we're still here at Christmas... well, I haven't exactly decided. Because I have more Christmas decor than any normal person really should. The entire house becomes a tasteful Winter Wonderland. Don't think tacky, think garlands and small trees in the bookcase. And throw pillows on the couch. And artfully wrapped gifts with big wire-ribbon bows. The only lights are on the tree - and they don't blink.

I started with the bathrooms and candles. Odd combination, I know. I had done the bathrooms earlier in the evening and then it hit me the perfect solution to packing/moving/storing my candles. I use quilted soft-sided zippered cases to protect & store my china. While looking for something else last week I stumbled upon an extra wine glass case. Perfect for candles!

In other news, I'm trying the Melatonin tonight. We'll see how well it works.

And I'm getting more and more antsy about Thursday morning. Our future will be handed to us in a 30-minute meeting. Gag!



  1. I think your smart to start "decluttering". It is important for people to be able to imagine their own things in the house. Come on Thursday!!!!

  2. Sending much love for tomorrow morning's appointment. Please let us know how it goes :)
    ((hugs and strength))

  3. GL with the appt tomorrow. I hope everything goes well.